Google Adwords

Online Advertising Services

We offer a comprehensive Online Advertising service that designs, implements and maintains your advertising campaign. Unlike most other online advertising consultants, we do not care how many web page views you get or how many clicks your Ads have — we measure our success by how much your phone rings or how well your products sell.

The largest Ad provider, “Google Adwords”, is a complicated business shrouded in the mystery they maintain and the frequent changes they make to their algorithm. The cost and effectiveness of your Ads are completely dependent on the industry you are in, what your competitors are doing and what the main form of advertising was in the past.

One thing is clear, those industries that used to heavily depend on the printed yellow pages are successfully moving to Online Advertising.

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Website Design SEO

Search Engine Optimized Website Design

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is simply building a website that has a combination of hidden and visible elements that help a search engine match your website to a search conducted by a prospective client. In the end, a search engine (like Google) is just a machine and it does not care how pretty your website looks, but it does need help in matching a users search request to your business.

Should your website still be pretty and user friendly? Of course, your website needs to project an image to a prospective customer that is fresh and professional….first impressions do count.

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Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance Services

We have 20 years of experience with HIPAA, SEC, PCAOB, Banking and Insurance compliance Audits.

Our Compliance Specialist will assist in the implementation of all necessary actions to ensure smooth audit of your Compliance Program. We will assist in evaluating, developing, implementing and maintaining corporate compliance initiatives.

Our review ensures that the company, its employees and agents comply with applicable national, local, federal, and state rules and regulations, industry guidelines, and company policies and procedures.

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Back Office AnalysisWhy you should look at back office outsourcing.

Have you ever considered how important the back office process is for the success of any organization? Outsourcing is one way to complement your current staff, yet your business can continue to grow. Outsourcing is here to stay and more and more business processes are being outsourced.

Most business owners feel that, outsourcing the core process of their business is more beneficial then outsourcing the back office processes e.g. Marketing. For many businesses back office outsourcing has provided a great way to maximize productivity.

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